♬ a guide to tumblrcore ♬

What is tumblrcore? I like to think of Tumblrcore as the tumblr equivalent to /mu/core or basically, bands that adhere to the tumblr aesthetic and therefore are extremely popular on this social media micro-blogging website. Tumblrcore bands have a few features that they all share, such as clear and usually not subtle lyrics (Halsey is… Continue reading ♬ a guide to tumblrcore ♬

political · rant

stop obsessing over american politics.

Everyday, I go to school, I study and finally I turn the television on to catch up to what happened in the world today, aka: the news. I do not live in the great country of freedom and burgers, America but instead in a different country (yes, they exist. It’s hard to think that America… Continue reading stop obsessing over american politics.


The Death of Pablo Review

Kanye West is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. On November 21, 2016, Kanye West was later admitted for psychiatric observation at UCLA Medical Centre and stayed hospitalized over the Thanksgiving weekend. His seventh album, The Life of Pablo, was released in 2016. The Death of Pablo is not a Kanye… Continue reading The Death of Pablo Review


Hallelujah Money by Gorillaz feat. Ben Clementine Review

This year didn’t start off in the best way, we all know that, because only a week ago, a rich, rude and brash man was elected president despite not winning most the vote. Crazy, isn’t it? Luckily, Gorillaz released a new song, their first in 6 years,: Hallelujah Money. At first this song might seem… Continue reading Hallelujah Money by Gorillaz feat. Ben Clementine Review


The Chainsmokers-Paris Review

The Chainsmokers aren’t the most liked of musicians in the 21st century, many times they have been accused of lazy vocals and sloppy production. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop them from hitting big in 2016 with hits: Closer, Don’t let me down, Roses and All We Know. Like other people, I disliked The Chainsmokers’ new song:… Continue reading The Chainsmokers-Paris Review


How to find new music

As a person that loves listening to music, I get frustrated when people say that music is terrible and music from 30 years ago were wayy better. So here’s a guide to listen to new music, because, hey,  listening to the the same music over and over again is boring. -Stop listening to your usual… Continue reading How to find new music


The ‘_____ genre of music isn’t music!!1!’ Rant

I’m sure you’ve seen them. The metal obsessed teenager that sits at the back of the class. The nerdy, classical music fan. Mention the special word that makes them go into a frenzy, whether it be rap music, dubstep, techno, pop, whatever. They drone on and on and on about how music made with a… Continue reading The ‘_____ genre of music isn’t music!!1!’ Rant