♬ a guide to tumblrcore ♬

What is tumblrcore? I like to think of Tumblrcore as the tumblr equivalent to /mu/core or basically, bands that adhere to the tumblr aesthetic and therefore are extremely popular on this social media micro-blogging website.

Tumblrcore bands have a few features that they all share, such as clear and usually not subtle lyrics (Halsey is a great example of this) and a general tumblr aesthetic (e.g grunge, pastel). Due to this Tumblrcore bands have that distinctive style over substance look.

Tumblrcore bands’ lyrical content is often more darker than mainstream pop bands and often tackle subjects such as depression and abuse. Bands that write about the darker subject matters are often seen by bloggers as ‘anti pop’ so therefore

Due to this they often attract teenagers that are depressed and anxious, so (surprise, surprise) thus often go on tumblr where they have a creative outlet and can share experiences with others. For many tumblr users, music is often an outlet for their depression and anxiety, which is probably why you see so many ‘Twenty one pilots saved my life’ posts.

Many of the artists that are tumblr core have an active social media presence and are attractive proving that tumblr core artists can just be as manufactured as other more ‘mainstream’ pop artists.


Why are they popular?

Halsey herself used to be a tumblr user and this has probably shapes her experience. As she is a bisexual and biracial woman her experiences often mirror other Tumblr users’. Her general asethetic also is really tumblr-like.


Now or never



Lana Del Rey

Why are they popular?

Lana Del Rey has a distinctly dreamy aesthetic. She also sings about depresion in an idealized matter which attracts tumblr users with depression and anxiety. Her music also has a very dreamy quality to it.


Summertime Sadness

West Coast

The 1975

Why are they popular?

The 1975 sings about drugs, depression and breaking up. Their music is probably the most alternitive and they experiment with many styles. They also have an active media presence and most members are attractive. They also adhere to the pink neon aesthetic that many blogs love.


The Sound



Melanie Martinez

Why are they popular?

Melanie Martinez isone of the more weirder tumblr core artist and is one of the few musicians that I really do think is directly targeted towards the tumblr demographic. She talks about darker topics so her fans are generally people who feel like they are different and feel like pop music is not dark enough.



Mrs Potato Head


Twenty One Pilots

Why are they popular?

They talk about depression, which will certainly attract like minded people. However they are often said to be ‘romanticizing mental iullness’ by the feminist side of tumblr and there popularity had dropped. Twenty One Pilots also fills the hole of MCR.


Lane Boy

Stressed Out


Marina and the Diamonds

Why are they popular?

Marina has a very unique voice and has great concept albums. She also talks about depression and the materialism of today’s society which is a belief shared with many teenagers on tumblr. She is also friends witch tumblr heavyweight Lana Del Rey


Mowgli’s road



K. Flay

Hey Violet


Troye Sivan

Artic Monkeys (sometimes)

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