political · rant

stop obsessing over american politics.

Everyday, I go to school, I study and finally I turn the television on to catch up to what happened in the world today, aka: the news. I do not live in the great country of freedom and burgers, America but instead in a different country (yes, they exist. It’s hard to think that America isn’t the center of the world since the media treats America like it is. Anyway. Back to the news.  I switched the TV on and located my local news channel and, wouldn’t ya know, they were talking about Donald Trump. Like they always are. Hmmm.

Look, I’m only upset because, my country has state elections coming up, and surprisingly, a racist group that originally had few followers but now has a preference deal with a major party, is getting more and more popular (who could that be??) just doesn’t want to acknowledge the existence of Pauline Hanson, trust me, I don’t want to either but it seems thatt hese days news organizations put Donald Trump in the headlines for dem clicks. Donald Trump tweeted that ABC (different one), CNN and other news stations are fake.The media goes into meltdown, people from the left and the right praising or denouncing Trumps remarks.

Whether you like it or not, American politics will always be center stage to your country’s subpar politics. Brexit? Boring and Inconsequential. One Nation gaining traction in Australia? It’s not like they’ll win. South Korean Leader is corrupt? Can we change the channel? More people are concerned about Donald Trump, who lives in another country that their own country. People love controversy and they love it even more when it’s from America.

I gudoess this is what happens when you idolise American politics. Oh, a down to earth leader that cares about the country? Make America Great Again. I could go on about how Americans care too much or how bad ‘murica is (it isn’t) but that’s not the point of this rant.

We need to start raising awareness. the only reason why american politics are oh so popular is because we can be distracted from people like Pauline Hanson and other problematic people that the media refuses to admit exists. Let’s be honest, the election of Malcolm Turnbull had less media coverage than Trump had.

It’s time to uh, stop glamorizing american politics.