The Death of Pablo Review

Kanye West is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. On November 21, 2016, Kanye West was later admitted for psychiatric observation at UCLA Medical Centre and stayed hospitalized over the Thanksgiving weekend. His seventh album, The Life of Pablo, was released in 2016.

The Death of Pablo is not a Kanye West album. And even then, it could hardly be called an album.

If you weren’t tipped off by the title, this album is darker, weirder and more terrifying that The Life of Pablo ever could be. It’s a haunting remix of the album. This album was undoubtedly inspired by Kanye’s hospitalization and his rather mad genius and bipolar personality. The cover’s why/me instead of the which/one and the picture of his dead mother (which was later removed) just creates a sense of uneasiness, in context of his mental state.

Image result for the death of pablo album

The death of Pablo was born after a poster, on the dark depth that is /mu/, posted about how they “keep having this dream where Kanye puts out a new albums called “The Death of Pablo” and voila, this project was born, was worse or better.

But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without its flaws. Father Stretch My Hands PT 3 just sound plain lazy with its 8 (!) Minutes of harsh noise and is definitely worth skipping and like, a lot of music that comes from the place that is /mu/ it’s…not for everybody.

In the end, if you like /mu/ projects, are a fan of Kanye West and know what Plunder phonics are, this album might just be for you.


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