The Chainsmokers-Paris Review

The Chainsmokers aren’t the most liked of musicians in the 21st century, many times they have been accused of lazy vocals and sloppy production. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop them from hitting big in 2016 with hits: Closer, Don’t let me down, Roses and All We Know. Like other people, I disliked The Chainsmokers’ new song: Paris the minute I heard it.

Remember Closer? The hit song that the radios killed with overplay? The song about a dommed relationship featuring the vocals of  Drew Taggart and Halsey? That one. Paris is similar to that song, well, maybe not similar but more than enough to raise some brows. When it comes down to the the lyrics, yes, this song is about fundamentally a different song. A better comparison might be All We Know, with the similarities in the vocal style.

Drew’s vocals on Paris is probably the worst thing about this track. It’s slow, it’s boring, it’s everything a vocal performance shouldn’t be. the female vocals aren’t much better either, with similarities to the vocals on All We Know with the constant ‘harmonizing’. In my opinion, the production is slightly bearable than Closer, helped by the fact that it’s not the prominent feature in the song.

This song is boring. Why? Because we’ve heard it thousands of times in the form of All We Know and Closer. It isn’t anything different compared to the music on the radio and it certainly (hopefully) won’t stand against Ed Sheeran. Hopefully. The hype train is slowing for The Chainsmokers (Setting fires flopped) but they’ll be sure to ride it to the very last minute.