How to find new music

As a person that loves listening to music, I get frustrated when people say that music is terrible and music from 30 years ago were wayy better. So here’s a guide to listen to new music, because, hey,  listening to the the same music over and over again is boring.

-Stop listening to your usual music.

Start being a bit adventurous! The first step to find better music is to stop listening to music that you usually listen to. Yes, that means the music of the 80′s and 90′s.

-Stop listening to the charts

Or caring for the matter. Believe it or not, the charts have always been mediocre and created for the masses. If you want to listen to music that will appeal to you, stop listening to music that appeals to the masses.

-Listen to Indie Artists.

Indie artists need all the recognition they can get. Many indie artists are quite talented and there are enough of them for one of them to make the same music that you like.

-Find new artists by making use of music recommendation websites

Websites and blogs such as musicroamer and Gnoosic recommend you new musician based on the musicians you already listen to so you can find more artists in a genre  that you are already listening to.

-Make use of Compilations

Compilations are great for when you are interested in a particular genre but you have no idea where to start. Compilations that showcase less well known artists can help you find new music to listen to.

-Explore music review sites and music blogs

If you want to find the best (or worst) artists from a particular genre I recommend Rate You Music. Pitchfork and other music blogs are a great way to find new music and find out if a musician is worth listening to.

-Always have an open mind

When looking for new music to listen to it’s important to have an open mind. If you only listen to metal, try listeing to rap and hip hop and vice versa. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

If you keep on listening to the same music, you will never explore new music.


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