rant · religion

Dear People that hate religion

This is specifically a rant against those crazy people that hate religion. No, not even if you hate religion because it’s perfectly fine to hate religion just like it’s fine to hate apples. As long you don’t say that Christians are evil or say that all Muslims are terrorist, it’s fine to hate religion, as long as you, um, don’t actively support anti-religious measures. Believe it or not, knowing that you don’t believe in religion and acknowledge it by calling yourself an atheist, doesn’t make you unstoppable or amazing. And if you think so, then you really aren’t amazing at all.

I’m an agnostic atheist, and I’ll admit that I used to hate religion. I was, of course, in middle school, and not a middle aged man on r/atheism, a sub that I used to frequent. Besides, the point is that hating religion is not a special thing to do. It’s edgy, it’s pathetic and it’s ultimately futile.

I’s really harmful. There is literally almost no reason to hate religion, in the twenty first century. Well, if you are a edgy person it might be because it’s ‘cool’ and ‘dark’. Or it might be because hating religion is an easy cop out. No one really wants to blame themselves so they blame religion. Hating religion is harming Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu people. And Christians.

it’s rather stupid. Oh, so you hate religion. What are you going to do? Most people that absolutely loathe religion only hate a few sects of religion. And by a few religions I mean Christianity and Islam. Wait. Not Islam, just Christianity. Just because you won an internet argument doesn’t mean the you get points in real life.

It’s arrogant. Most people that hate religion (most atheists don’t hate religion, so remember this isn’t an attack against atheists) think that they are suddenly above hate speech, homophobia and racism, because all Christians are racist and homophobic, obviously. It’s the equivalent to saying that you aren’t racist because you have a black friend.

By now, you realise that I love ranting. If you are reading this, please don’t hate everybody religious because they are religious. Seriously, there are billions of Christians, are you going to suddenly judge them because of the actions of a few people. No, you aren’t because that’s illogical. Why hate when you can love.