Why Music Nostalgia sucks, or why you weren’t born in the wrong generation.

Wherever you go, there seems to be always that one type of music nerd. Oh, you know the one, the ‘I was born in the wrong generation’ person. The ‘Queen is way better than anything today!’ person. And I can tell you, they are incredibly infuriating. From their ‘I am so better than you!’ attitude to their ‘Why was I born in x year?!’. If you feel like this, don’t worry, we have all been here. We aren’t there anymore, but we were here.

There is a couple of reason why I hate this behavior.

#1 You won’t bring Prince/David Bowie/Michael Jackson/ Freddie Mercury to life.

Unfortunately, listening to your favorite dead music artist and shouting ’_______ is better than Justin Bieber will ever be !1!!’, will not bring them back to life (unless there is something that I don’t know yet…) in fact it will probably only annoy the people around you that just want to listen to something. The point is, they’re dead but that doesn’t mean that music is dead.

#2 Telling your 5 year old sister that the pop music she listens to is trash is a really awful thing to do.

If you honestly think that metal music from the 80’s charted you need to take a long hard look at yourself. Believe, it or not the general public does not care whether you think Nicki Minaj is awful and telling your sister that still watches disney channel  that Meghan Trainor is trash is a pretty annoying thing to do.

#3 It’s unproductive.

Believe it or not, if you mope all day reminiscing about Nirvana, AC/Dc,Pink flyd, you will never find music that will fit your tastes. Seriously, why bother complaining about Miley Cyrus, Rae Sremmurd or taylor Swift, if you are never going to listen to them.

#4 You will never find any music that you will like if you keep listening to the same music over again.

We all know that the same people that say ‘I was born in le wrong generation’ are the same people that only know about five bands. Maybe, (just a suggestion) you could listen to different music. We all know that the music at the top of the charts isn’t perfect but seriously, it isn’t meant to be.

#5 You think you’re better than everybody

If you are going to judge a person just because they dare to not like the same nostaligic music as you do then you are arrgant. Yes, you are.

#6 You are not the only person who listens to AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin

Nor is it an achievement to search up ‘Best music’ click the youtube link and type on the comments section ‘This is really music, take notes kids’. Listening to the beatles doesn’t make you special, there are millions of people that do it anyway.

Please, you weren’t born in the wrong generation.


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