why 2016 was a disappointing year for music.

#1 The existence of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers never was supposed to make a return. But they did. They did. They burst on to the seen with Roses, a slow dreamy, catchy track. More of that please. Then they released Don’t Let Me Down. Honestly the first few times I listened to it, I liked it but then it was killed by airplay. And then they released Closer…

#2 The dissapearence of rock in the mainstream

When you think of the pop charts you think of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Drake, Rihanna. You think of edm, pop and r ‘n’ b not rock. Perhaps it’s the fact that alt rock is now more popular than hard rock or perhaps it’s the fact that pop music is starting to become more and more average, for some reason, rock does not have the same mainstram presence that it used to.

#3 The suicide squad soundtrack

Suicide Squad was probably the most dissapointing movie of the year. Not the worst, just the most dissapointing. Many critics immature dc fanbois rush to the defense of the defense of the movie saying that the soundtrack was good!1! There was one good song on the soundtrack. Unfortunately more than one song charted cough cough purple lamborghini sucker for pain cough cough. Just be glad Brendon Urie’s cover of Bohemium Rhapsody didn’t chart.

#4 Ed Sheeran skipped 2016

You were missed Ed Sheeran, you were missed.

#5 Shawn Mendes

You know that one kid in the back of the class that tries terrible pick up lines on girls and then complains when they don’t respond. Well. I’ve got news. There is something so unlikable about Shawn Mendes, from his nasally voice to his cringey lyrics, I am suprised that he still has a career. Oh wait, because teenage girls loove teen boys that can’t sing for their life.

#6 Meghan Trainor “Career”

Meghan trainor has the strange inability to talk about soical issues without sounding uneducated on the issue. Things like saying that you were not strong enough for anorexia does not help your audience’s already dwindling appreciation for you. And then telling your audience that if you were them then you’d want to be like me too won’t help either.

#7 *Fourth harmony

Damn it Camila


WHat happened you? DJ Snake used to make genuinely entertaining songs in 2015. The curse of 2016keeps on killing producers’  talent. Nothing can excuse the mess that is Let Me Love You featuring Justin Beiber. Maybe take a break or something while I curse bieber

#9 the death of David Bowie, Prince and George Michael

Rest in peace. You will be missed


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