Woman Album (Justice) review

Firstly, an introduction. Justice is a french electronic house duo (sound familiar?) that makes electronic music. Their first album, cross, was released in 2007 and everybody loved it. Songs like DVNO were fun songs making fun of clubs and D.A.N.C.E will forever be played on MTV’s best EDM songs. Then came a dark period. They released their second album, Audio Video Disco in 2011 and… reviews were mixed to say in the least. Unfortunately their shine was just, well, gone. there was a couple of decent tracks such as civillization and on ‘n’ on but it was very mediocre. And now, 5 years later they release Woman. Was it good or not?

Well, let’s start with the positives: it was better than AVD. At this point anything would’ve been better than Audio Video Disco. The music less dull and more upbeat and like usual, it had that distinct retro futuristic sound to it. I would say that it is better than Deadmau5’s failure of an album but not as vibrant as Flume’s Skin album. A good 50% of the songs were catchy and interesting. Stop was catchy and had good vocal work, Heavy Metal was a beautiful discovery-esque track that didn’t need vocals to make it work and Fire was a effortlessly cool song. All of the songs are of course decent and there are a couple highlights.

If Cross was Discovery, Audio Video Disco Human After All, what would Woman be? Woman was supposed to be Justice’s comeback not a better than average, passable album that you like but doesn’t excite you. The songs, as I have said before are decent enough but not fantastic! like Cross. The vocal work on Love SOS is ridiculously cheesy (it’s a love..s o s), Randy has an odd amount of double entendres and Pleasure is just weird. The vocals on all of the songs are sometimes not that interesting and will bore you unless you have that taste in mind. The beat is occasional clunky but is usually not the problem.

To Justice’s fortune, there isn’t much wrong with this album but unfortunately there isn’t much right with it either. At least it’s better than Audio Video Disco. I really wish that Justice would try to make a varied album instead of sticking to what they know.


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