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Conspiracy Theorists

Time to slap on your tin foil hat because today our topic is conspiracy theories! Conspiracy theories are a weird thing. The words are almost synonymous with a tinfoil wearing nerdy college dropout living in their parents’ basement but would you believe me if I told you that “28% of voters believe secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order”. Yep, it’s that bad. In modern-day America, it’s seen as mode to reject the government: but why?

The government is seen as this maniacal creature tha devours everything it touches and everybody is part of the conspiracy. To conspiracy theorists it’s much easy to blame somebody else rather than yourself because obviously you can’t be at fault. Doubting everything might also be a sign of deep insecurity so you push your own blame on the government… or maybe I’m looking too much into it. But that’s besides the point, conspiracy theories stop productivity in the government. For a few seconds, imagine how the world would have been if the american government didn’t trust, say china, and thought that they created the global warming hoax to trick us out of our fuel and money. Oh wait. Conspiracies will one day stop us from working together a nd will help us start living in a constant state of paranoia.

But that’s not the most annoying part of conspiracy theorists. they think that they deserve a pat on the back for not trusting in the media but, stupidly, what Alex Jones says. Unfortunately Conspiracy Theorists are even more gullible than the general public, which is a shame, really, A certain degree of superiority comes with tinfoil hat. And once a conspiracy theorist finds an opinion that is remotely different from CNN or ABC news they will simply swallow it without any serious critical analysis. And as the general public starts losing their trust in the government, it’s crucial that the public works together and doesn’t, y’know, start wondering if their neighbour is a commie.

In conclusion, Conspiracy theorists aren’t destroying this society, but they sure ain’t helping this world by spreading fake information. Seriously, just ignore them and don’t buy into their lies and talk to them and if that doesn’t work hit them over the head with LOGIC. America is becoming an increasingly divided country so expect much more of the usual libtards are communists.


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