YouTube is one of the most viewed websites. On the planet. Well to be precise, YouTube is the second most website viewed website, second to Google. And for the first time in forever, teens are watching YouTube more than cable television. Basically swapping scripted reality TV for immature adults that complain about each other. Nice. All jokes about the rather wincey content on the world’s favourite website, it might seem rather odd that immature teenagers can watch any video in the world regardless of the content or targeted age group. But where, oh where, can these teenagers vent about how horrible that video targeted at young children?

The YouTube Comments Section

Of course, even in the age of don’t say anything offensive’, YouTube still has its comments section. Why? So that people can provide nice, constructive feedback on how their favourite creator can improve their content. Ha ha no. If you do have any constructive feedback it will usually be met with kys (kill yourself), a racial or homophobic slur or perhaps a pledge to Hitler as rabid fan boys attack you. Or perhaps you will be the one commenting with kys, a racial or homophobic slur or a pledge to Hitler? The whole idea of comments section is to gently suggest a video or provide feedback on a video but sadly the premise of the comments section has been destroyed by copy pasta, memes and petty insults.

The worst? Copy pasta

I’m sure you’ve seen many of the ‘highlight random numbers and press ctrl+f and type in 9, message comes out as ‘f*ck you’. It really contributes to the video of a cat doing cool dances, doesn’t it? Copy and paste really annoys me for a variety of reasons. It’s completely irrelevant to the video. At all. Copy and paste is everywhere, a Mozart piece, a Justin Bieber music Video or a video of a girl rapping really fast. Like other comments, but particularly copy pasta, it completely destroys the basis of the comments section which is to provide constructive feedback by completely overusing a once interesting and funny copy pasta. The point of copy pasta does not exist

The actual worst? YouTube comments Section

Perhaps the most annoying thing about YouTube comments Section is itself. I’m sure I’m not the first to admit that I sometimes I just read the YouTube comments section when I’m bored. And I shouldn’t because YouTube comments section has become a mess. An absolute mess. The purpose of the comments section was to provide feedback, if all that’s in the comments section is just copy pasta, kys and unhelpful, uh, criticism then what’s the point. Why can’t a person just watch the damn video and enjoy it without posting anything in the comments section.

My advice for today? Don’t scroll down to the comments section when watching a video. Just enjoy