What is killing TV and Film?

It’s always fun to watch a show or film from your childhood, like full house, Gilmore girls, etc. and marvel how different and original they are compared to modern television shows. I mean, have you seen the difference between The Simpsons from the 90’s and The Simpsons of now? Well, way more creative for a start. Remember Home Alone? And the thousands of sequels it spawned? No? I didn’t think so. The truth is, television and film isn’t the same as it was 20 or thirty years ago, perhaps even ten years ago. When studios found out that money is to be made, film and television was changed forever.

I think we can all agree that television has an unhealthy obsession with nostalgia. A very unhealthy obsession. A possible fatal obsession, if I do say so myself. But why? The answer lies in nostalgic television. In the sixties, television was becoming more common and it became less of a luxury item and more of a family item. It was time to start catering to a more family audience. So came a plethora of nice family friendly tv shows. When television shows first came out it was creative and original but now, not so much. The truth is, we have to move on from nostalgic television, because we society has changed. Cute family friendly shows about friendship will not entertain children or adults anymore

How could I forget about the millions of sequels that came out this year? How. Could. I. Forget? The most covered sequel that came out this year was the cute/adorable/kawaii (take your pick) movie that was Finding Dory. Finding Dory was an okay movie but it was ultimately made by Disney to suddenly make the money from your pocket disappear by pandering to a global audience. The thing is, that good sequels can exist. They can, I promise but until directors and companies stop pandering to the lowest common denominator and start risking, I hope you like Toy Story 554: The electric Boogaloo.

Remember when sequels were the only problem we had? Yeah, I’m talking about adaptations. Every single time I hear that they are making an adaption I wince. It’s nice to see directors and studios take a crack at visualizing the wonderful world of Harry Potter but it’s less enlightening to see Steven Spielberg direct “War of the worlds”. Case in point: Tim Burton. Tim Burton was once a lovely, creative director that brought dark yet creative films to the silver screen, where is he now? Making horrendous adaptations that make me want to vomit by messing up the source material. And hey, good adaptations do exist, just look at Marvel’s many successful adaptations but cinema shouldn’t be just adaptations because it stifles creativity of the writers by forcing them to stick by one script.

In conclusion, it’s there are several contributing factors to the demise but they all have one thing in common: they stifle the flow of creativity of directors. Sequels? Give the audience what they want. Adaptations? Mess up the source and give the audience terrible acting. Nostalgia? Just keep on rehashing Full House. We need to stop the Hollywood pandering machine from taking over and focus on more creative projects by indie film makers. The only way to beat the system is to find a better system and we can do that by trying to reach out a little. Never been to a film festival? Do it! Indie film makers deserve all the attention they can get. Don’t kill television and film.


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