For a couple of seconds, lets imagine that you are an average guy who has a friend. You like the friend but the friend…well alas, they friend-zone you. You start to get angry after being ignored when you try to make a move on them.  You have been there for your friend every day and gave them hugs when they are upset and comfort them when they were dumped. You obviously deserve her. Why can’t girls just like you ? Females always go after the fuckboys and assholes and not the people that respect females! If you have thought this or anything similar, congrats, you are a nice guy™.

But what is a nice guy™ ?

According  nice guys™ (doesn’t always have the tm at the end, sometimes ends with syndrome) ,  nice guys™ are simply men that respect females (they always use the term females, as if women are a different species) but unfortunately, due to their niceness, they are ruthlessly friend zoned. Nice guys™ often detest the friend zone and value sex and lust over friendships and often self worth. But of course their must be reason why he is always friend zone. Here’s the secret, kid, it’s because he’s apparently too *sigh* nice. Nice guys basically think that because they are friends with a person they are entitled to sex with that person and when that person rejects them it’s cause woman only want assholes.

Niceguys share a couple of key characteristics. The most common one is that they are usually friendzoned and that they believe that they are nice for being friends with the girl. Another surprisingly major characteristic is calling women “females”  as if women are a different species. Nice guys also usually believe that they are smarter than their opposition and are major whiteknighters. Whiteknighting is basically saying women are goddesses and that they don’t deserve assholes but when they get rejected it’s perfectly fine to call woman sluts and bitches that base a person after their appearance. They also wear fedoras and have neck beards, which is just a stereotype because niceguys can be your neighbor, your teacher or your friend.

If you bump heads with a person that you think is a nice guy, talk about their behavior and how it’s similar to the behavior of the niceguy. If they are proud of the fact that they are nice guys then, um, dammit. If a niceguy is left out in the friendzone (ooh spooky~) for too long and doesn’t become self aware, then they will slowly evolve into an Incel. Incels, or involuntary celibates believe that sex is a human need and will do anything to get sex, even raping a person. Incels might evolve into Truecels (or some mgtow) who are basically incels that give up and just refuse to touch woman. At all. Or they might turn into rapists or stalkers  Don’t let this happen!

It’s important to realize that nice guys are just delusional idiots and are usually harmless (except the stalkers). Just leave them alone or talk it over with them. Anyways, What do you think about Niceguys? Did this post help?



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