In Defense of Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the most widely used sites on the world wide web. Well the 43rd most used site on the globe. Due to the fact that Tumblr is one of the most used sites on the planet, many people have, well to put it nicely, a quite differing opinion of Tumblr. Some use it to promote a particular talent of theirs, some even use it to write fanfiction between two men that have never met and others swear on their life that Tumblr is where the feminists indoctrinate young children in the ways of the matriarchy.(Which is crazy)

So why am I defending Tumblr?

Because I’m sick of hearing about how Tumblr is all about the social justice and everyone that dare speak unkind words about the matriarchy shall be forever banned (I wish I was joking). Since I’m neither a hard core radical feminist or a MRA incel, I maintain a neutral ground (call me an egalitarian if you must) but surprisingly I have never had feminism shoved down my throat. Why? Because on Tumblr, it’s all about the anime, fan-art and who is the grungiest hipster. If I could guess, I’ll say about 50% of the population of Tumblr is feminist, 10% of Tumblr actually posts something vaguely feminist (look strong female character) and 90% are too busy drawing yuri or yaoi fanfiction to even care.

So why do people even think that Tumblr is all about the SJW?

Feminism (and other movements) is historically a quite loud group. They’re the vocal 10% of Tumblr that everybody hears about. Although most of the population is feminist or at least female, as I have mentioned before Tumblr is a fandom hub. You get subscribers by A. making fandom related art, B. Make mystical wolf art. C. Aesthetic related art. You get the idea. Tumblr is a platform for voices and art, not just a place where whiny feminists cry.

But why is this frustrating me?

Because I then know that the person that I’ll be listening to will be using lots of logical fallacies, hyperbolise and not much facts. And maybe, just maybe I have a soft spot of Tumblr dearest (Baka!). But to be honest, Tumblr isn’t helping itself. On your dashboard the Tumblr staff do post some vaguely social justice-y stuff that can be daunting for the special snowflake edge lord. As usual Tumblr also hasFandometrics, a fandom tracker thing… (I honestly have no idea). Unfortunately feminists are a vocal minority which can make a person avoid going on Tumblr, from fear of the SJWs. In (my rant is now done) conclusion, Tumblr really isn’t that scary. It’s actually pretty great.

(P.S I Have a Tumblr)