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Why Catholics are leaving the faith by age 10 – and what parents can do about it: Answered by an atheist

The answer to the first part of this question may seem almost achingly simple for an atheist or agnostic but for the Catholic news Agency, it’s obviously because children and teenager believe that atheism is “smart” and the faith is “a fairy tale,”. Quotation marks around ‘smart’ and ‘fairy tale’. The article also reads that children want evidence and proof that the God that they are worshipping a, um, real God.

Catholics do believe that science and faith can coexist despite the talking snake, the flood and the virgin birth. This and the combination of critical thinking and science will be for many children and teenagers, ridiculous. The site also believes that “It was the Christian faith that was the birthplace of science,” completely ignoring the fact that it was the catholics that persecuted scientists such as Galileo Galilei.

But of course the best medicine to atheism is indoctrination! The secret to making your children stay catholic is  “weekly activity” like catechesis, Bible study or youth group and if they have “deep spiritual experiences,” they will surely stay in church like a good catholic. NEWS FLASH! If a person feels like they are being forced into a belief, they are bound to rebel.

Catholics claim ‘There is “no real conflict” between faith and science,’ The ignorance of this article is outstanding for thinking that people are leaving the faith just because atheism is ‘cool’ and that they demand proof. Many christians are shunned from their family just because they had an abortion, they are gay or they had premarital sex. After being shunned from their family they are alone and start questioning their faith.


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