Atheism in 5 lines: Poetry

“To terrify children with the image of hell, to consider women an inferior creation—is that good for the world?”
― Christopher Hitchens


When the Sun rises up, do I worry?

When the Sun sets in the horizon, am I filled with a sense of purpose?

What is our purpose in the materialistic world filled to the brim with hate?

Is our purpose to share our love and kindness?

Why do we need a saviour to tell us to share our love?


Hell is a place where the sinners will be

Purgatory is where we are punished temporarily

Heaven is where everything is better, it seems

God is our ruler and a sharer of love

Reality is none of the above.


I spent years worrying, ‘Will God love me?’

I never stopped and thought if God existed

But what if I’m wrong and you are right?

But you already think that

So the question is: what if I’m right and you are wrong?


Religion shouts at me: ‘You need to be saved!’

I whisper back: ‘No, I’m fine.’

Religion threatens me: ‘You need Lord for you have sinned!’

I stare: ‘What have I done wrong? I haven’t killed anybody in the name of a lie.’

Religion looks back: ‘I don’t care.’


It seems like religion loves to call their God perfect

Yet my idea of perfect doesn’t involve AIDS or Ebola.

I do not understand why he is called perfect

Because he wasn’t perfect when my sister and father almost died.

That is the greatest lie told by religion.