Atheist Morality

“Is man merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake of man?”
― Friedrich Nietzsche (I love Nietzche)

Firstly, let me clear something up, I do not hate the religious, I am an atheist. I will always be an atheist until someone shows me proof of a God. I do not want to be an atheist, believe me because most of my family hates me. A frequent question I have been asked (and other atheists) is whether atheists have morals and if they do, where they come from?

Admittedly and embarrassingly, I had to research morality and more specifically, atheistic morality. Obviously this is not a bad thing because it’s just that I can’t describe morality, it is biological, natural, something deeply ingrained in our DNA, a primal instinct but I can’t describe it. Morality, as the dictionary defines it, is principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour.

I have simple moral principles: do not do anything that harms a person or society. Easy. Atheists like me do consider harm vs. benefit also. If I killed a man, I would go to jail and his family would be depressed. By killing a man I would be harming people and society I would be doing bad. That’s my morals.

Christians, I have a question for you: what type of God lets children, babies even, starve to death? What type of God lets millions die from AIDS? The Christian (or Islam or Jewish) has a blue and orange morality to our black and white morality. Christians say that God gave them morals yet they fail to realize that in their Bible Satan gave them the knowledge of good and bad. To the Christian God morals are bad and ignorance is bliss.

Furthermore, countries such as Ancient Greece and Rome who worship pagan gods had a functioning justice system and democracy without worshipping the christian God. Christians fail to realize their God is simply a drop in the oceans of thousands of deities and God becomes a way of neglecting science and critical thinking.

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