Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions are good way to organise, change and display the things most important to you. CoconutandRose is counting down the best google chrome extensions.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular extensions. It blocks all the annoying advertisement so you can focus on your important browsing.


Momentum Dashboard

Well, good for Levi. The momentum dashboard is personal dashboard that gives you a moment of calm. It includes a to-do list, the weather and inspiration.


Google Dictionary

Google dictionary lets you effortlessly define the words you struggle with, without opening a new tab. Easy to use.


Tabby Cat

Have you ever wanted a cat? The Tabby Cat extension gives you a new cat for every tab which you can interact with and the cats can purr, sleep and blink.


Brief Tube

You can effortlessly summarise a whole video simply with brief tube. Easily find any word in any possible video to summarise the video.



ColorZilla was once the most used firefox extension and now it’s coming to chrome.ColorZilla is an eyedropper, colourpicker and more. Perfect for artists, bloggers and renovators.