The Top 5 Best Fashion Labels

Face it, not everyone of us has enough money to buy enough Chanel, Dior or Gucci to fill the closet-but we can appreciate the pretty and sometimes…um…creative designs (while simultaneosly gawking at the price tag). Coconut and Rose counts down the top 5 fashion labels.

  1. Chanel


Chanel was founded by Gabrielle Chanel (not Coco) in France. The current head designer is Karl Lagerfeld (he has an adorable cat who probably has a better life than me). Chanel is easily the most recognisable fashion based brand ever.

2. Christian Dior SE

Dior logo

Christian Dior SE or Dior is, as the name suggests, founded by french fashion designer Christian Dior. The chairman of this company is Bernard Arnault. The creative director is Kris Van Assche. Also, women, after the war, used to rip off the clothing of woman wearing Dior.

3. Gucci


It wouldn’t be a list without the famous italian Gucci. Founded by…um…Guccio Gucci (yep, I’m not joking). The current creative director (basically the head designer) is Alessandro Michele. The also make some cars.

4. Burberry

Burberry logo

Burberry is a high end British founded by Thomas Burberry (do you see a pattern?). Burberry was established in 1856 and is the only British brand I know. The current creative director is Christopher Bailey.

5. Prada


Prada is an italian fashion label founded by Mario Prada.  The current creative director is Muiccia Prada of the Miu Miu brand.  It was founded in 1913. I had to do a project on this brand at my school. It was boring. I got an A. You can stop reading now this section is filler.

Do you have any other awesome labels you know? Drop them in the comment section.



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