Dolphins and whales in captivtiy

Note. Some disturbing information

Have you ever been to a rather fishy aquarium? Have you ever seen dolphins or whales? Have you ever seen orcas in pain? Did you do anything? Or did you think that dolphins and whales in a cramped environments is normal? Welcome to Seaworld; animal abuse central. Seaworld is notorious for the abuse of their sea animals.

Keeping whales and dolphins in a place like seaworld is the equivalent of being stuck in a bathtub while being forced to entertain people who has imprisoned you in exchange for food! This is the is the life for dolphins and whales at seaworld. Many orcas, that swim at least 100 miles are being confined to tanks as large as a bathtub. (see photo)

Many countries have decided to stop dolphinariums being built and in Australia only two remain: Sea World and Dolphin Marine Magic, both of which have attracted controversy for animal abuse. Abuse includes Orca’s sunburns covered up with black zinc oxide, Orcas   being kidnapped and sent to SeaWorld, trainers masturbating the whales to collect sperm and being used at virtual breeding machines. Just another day at seaworld.

Boycotting SeaWorld and spreading the message of the abuse of animals at SeaWorld will help change an animal’s  life and perhaps even get them released. SeaWorld is hell on earth for animals and you can help extinguish the flames.



Welcome to hell